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Terms and conditions


All prices are non-negotiable and priced according to your exact design and quantity.


All orders cancelled less than 48h before the collection date will not be refunded or transferable.


Paypal or bank card. Cash payments possible upon collection (contact us directly for your order).


Your order will be ready for collection 48h after your order at your chosen date and time. Subject to availability. To avoid disappointment please give as much notice as possible for your order.

Pickups from Wednesday to Saturday, 9-10 AM and 4-6 PM (9AM-1PM Saturdays).

Non-edible items

Some orders contain inedible items eg cocktail sticks, ribbons etc. It's the client's responsibility to ensure these are removed before consumption.


All our ingredients are of the highest quality and freshly prepared without the use of any preservatives. Product ingredients can include eggs, flour, baking powder, baking soda,  cocoa, sugar, milk, coffee and butter. Note: if a colour other than cream is requested there will be food colour additives in the buttercream.

Allergens: Gluten, eggs, milk (1, 3, 7)

Best-before date / Storage conditions

Your order is prepared to ensure they are fresh for the date of your event, we cannot guarantee its quality if it's consumed more than 24h after the events. Our cakes are made entirely of natural ingredients, so they do not have the extended shelf life of most supermarket cakes, which contain additives and preservatives to ensure their prolonged life.

Your cupcakes need to be kept at room temperature in a cool dry room and must not be refrigerated. Angie's Cupcakes will not be held liable if items are not consumed during the receommended time frame or are stored in an incorrect manner. It is the purchaser's responsability to ensure the storage conditions are adhered to. Do not freeze.

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